About Aspire

Who We Are

Aspire Consulting, Inc. is an industry leader in organizational development and custom learning. Celebrating business success since Aspire was founded in 1997, we recognize what it takes to build learning strategies, develop talent, and improve results. We are proud of the partnerships we have formed around the globe and achievements made along the way.

Our Values

  • Relationships – Create meaningful connections.
  • Growth – Reach for what’s possible.
  • Innovation – Explore new boundaries.
  • Respect – Value all perspectives.
  • Expertise – Deliver clear value.
  • Integrity – Align actions with beliefs.
  • Results – Operate with intent.

Karin Johanek, CEO & Chief Inspiration Officer
Karin Johanek started Aspire Consulting, Inc. in 1997. She is an energetic learning strategist, trainer, speaker, author and leader who has delivered measurable results for businesses around the world. She is best known for her deep commitment to learning and innovative approach as she collaborates with organizational leaders to explore possibilities and outcomes that lead to breakthrough solutions.

Clients and Testimonials

We collaborate with clients across a wide range of industries to achieve results that make a difference in their business, building trust in our expertise and lasting partnerships. Our valued business partners include:

Ancillary Care Management
Aurora Interactive
BCD Travel
Be The Match, National Marrow Donor Program
Best Buy, Inc.
Carlson Marketing Group
Carlson Hospitality Group
Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Deluxe Corporation
Dunwoody Technical College
Ernst & Young
GE Medical Systems (GEMS)
Greer & Associates

Hallmark Business Connections
InsideOut Advantage
Impact Group
National Car Rental
Signature Corporation
StayWell Health Management
Tennant Company
Toys “R” Us
United Health Group
VA Medical Centers
Wells Trade Business Development

What clients are saying about Aspire Consulting:

“I have had the pleasure of working with Aspire Consulting for the past five years. The firm is always professional, courteous, timely and a great a resource. We have used them as curriculum developers, classroom facilitators and as project planners. I would highly recommend them and their expertise for any OD or education endeavors.”

– VP Human Resources, Fortune 500 Global Agriculture & Food Production

“Aspire Consulting has worked with our Training & Development team on several projects over the last few years. Their creativity, professionalism and positive attitude makes them a joy to work with! The range of programs they have developed for us really hit the mark and have helped us increase guest satisfaction and share our brand message with employees.”

– Fortune 500 Global Hotelier

“Working with Aspire Consulting has always been an extremely positive experience. Few organizations demonstrate the high level of organization, communication, creativity and partnership that I have experienced with Aspire on every project. I can’t say enough about the strategic thinking, thoughtful and careful planning, open exchange of ideas and strategies and the commitment to excellence that is always a part of any Aspire endeavor. Aspire Consulting is my absolute PREFERRED partner, without a doubt!”

– CEO, Business Consulting

Brilliant! This is the one word that comes to my mind when I think about my experiences partnering with Aspire Consulting. Aspire Consulting brings a vast amount of knowledge, which runs both deep and wide, to projects and objectives. They have the unique ability to take a concept or complicated process and present it in a way that others can understand and grasp. They are a living example of the principles of accelerated learning. I also admire (and appreciate) the enthusiasm and passion that Aspire Consulting brings to projects. This “energy” gives life to the project and keeps it moving forward. The motivation to be involved is catchy!”

– CEO, Health Care Consulting

What program users are saying about Aspire Consulting:

‘The leadership development course I attended was a pleasant and valuable surprise.  It was ‘hands-on’ and interactive in creative ways to help me build confidence and skills.  I was able to apply new tools and skills immediately to support the success of my role in our organization.’

‘This was the best training I have experienced!  I was able to make time to collaborate with my peers to practice and strategize new ways to approach negotiations and sales.  The entire experienced helped me broaden my perspective and potential.  Thank you Aspire!’

‘I have attending many learning programs over the years, and this one was memorable.  It was professional, creative and completely ‘hit the mark’ in terms of giving me what I need to be successful in my role.’

‘Our Patient Aligned Care Teams have grown significantly as a result of this learning series.  We can tell that Aspire understands our business well, and the learning experiences I’ve been part of have provided customized case studies and practice that are all about our reality.’

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Sample Solutions

Most Aspire learning solutions are custom-built for a client’s unique needs, so our work varies greatly. The following is just a small sampling of solutions that we have developed and implemented over the years.

Instructor-Led Workshops

Select examples of custom designed and deployed instructor-led initiatives include:

  • Developed a 3-day leadership development series (including “learning labs” between classroom events) for more than 1000 people.
  • Developed and delivered Sales and Account Management workshops for more than 800 people represented in 14 different countries.
  • Conducted global trainer certification for learning professionals representing more than 20 different countries.
  • Designed and delivered BPR (Business Process Redesign) workshops for a Fortune 100 business partner, reaching more than 100 upper level executives.
  • Designed and delivered global Performance Management workshop and webinar series that included an audience of more than 23,000 employees.
  • Developed “Pricing for Profit” workshop to help individuals assess operating costs, ensure financial stability and secure their profit.
  • Designed sales workshop and tracking tools for a leading E-Trade organization.

Webinar Development

Select examples of custom designed and deployed virtual learning include:

  • Monthly webinar series for educational staff representing more than 15 business locations.
  • Series of webinars for senior leaders located around the globe to launch a new division of a Fortune 100 business.
  • Virtual Learning Series deployed via webinar to help organizations manage cost and upgrade the quality of virtual meetings and leadership.
  • Custom certification series for internal Training and Development professionals to effectively design, develop and deliver virtual learning via webinar.


Select examples of custom-designed and deployed E-Learning/electronic initiatives include:

  • E-Lessons on a range of topics to support service and business development.
  • The E-Learning Voyage: a workshop that teaches learning organizations about their “E” options and how to get started. It applies a range of asynchronous and synchronous demonstrations, along with a threaded discussion for post-workshop networking.
  • Product tutorial for customer instruction delivered via organization’s website.
  • Learner readiness assessments to help organizations with change management associated with implementing E-Learning solutions.
  • Climate study to assess employee satisfaction (more than 2000 people)
  • Customer satisfaction assessment and focus group tools.